Hi, my fullname is I Nyoman Martin Adiputra, you can just easy to call me Adi. I am now in Bekasi, Indonesia. My daily activity is like usual programmer, coding. I have 2 child, beside coding, like usual father, play with my child, help my wife’s tasks coz now i as fulltime remote working.

My primary language programming is PHP, I was started learn and work with this language in 2010. Other language is like Javascript and Python. I have a lot of experience in e-commerce flows. Not just like programmer, i also sell some products in e-commerce, so i knows also what things problem as a seller and as a customers πŸ™‚

First time i learn PHP Native, MySQL, Javascript to create project. I have use framework PHP, Codeigniter. That framework was i used when working in my first company. Today, i have use Laravel Framework.

As you know, today the programming things is fast changes. We now use a lot of tools for developing something. I have learn also Docker and AWS things. So not just programming language, we also learn how our code is deploy in our stacks/servers.

Guys, sorry my english language is not good. But still learn how become great speaking and writer.

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